Monday, August 03, 2009

Post on nothing, because I'm a little disoriented

Why would I do this optionally? I've been working for the past 5 days straight. I think I made it home around nine last night to finish working around eleven. Then made it into work about eight AM this morning, finally finished at 3 PM. Before this I had a proposal for my own business. It was in production at the time I started working on the second. I had just finished pricing the day before.

You know what, its great! I love the adrenaline and the people I worked with. I was in a better mood the past few days than I had been in awhile, and I haven't even felt that great physically. I swear I'm a masochist with my work habits, but I've always worked that way... Everything rushed at one time. I'm horrible at procrastination and it would force me to rush last minute.

Well, I guess it is good I enjoy it. Once I win contracts on my own I will be running this stuff continuously. Now I am just in a waiting pattern. I went to help my husband at work because I could and he asked. I use to work there and I enjoyed it when I was there. I have no ill will towards the company at all. In fact I could see doing it, but I would be sad abandoning what I have.

Well, I'm completely out of it now. I need to walk. I got home to late to do it yesterday. My husband in passed out on the couch. I should go.... Just quick update. With all I've written I'm not sure if I actually said anything.

Till next time.

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