Monday, August 03, 2009


"Armon said one boy, and here are two."

Guess what I'm watching? Give you a clue, they are moving a Comodo Dragon.

I've spent the night reading through past entries. This seems to cover mostly the time since I met Arthur. I was really into blogging pretty quickly after I started. I picked it up from a friend from College Station and then convinced others to pick it up as well along the way. Though it seems everyone else has dropped blogging. I have to admit it takes a little more writing skills than regular social network sites that have taken over.

I stopped giving this out to people along time ago. I've only given this web address to one friend that I hadn't spoken with since middle school, to give her an idea of what to do with her ideas. What she could use as an outlet to write. That seems to be important. To have an outlet.

That was something very important in certain times in my life. I have a very addictive personality and I grew up in a home that did not shy away from alcohol to say the least. My family is extremely liberal; I mean almost to the communist extreme. That fact still seems odd to me the further I learn in the running of societies. From my upbringing, I had some bad experiences. The further I go along, I blame myself for putting myself in those situations. I also blame a society that puts women on the same level of men in that they can take care of themselves, and move out on their own at a young age. I dealt with all problem that a naive little girl comes across in dealing with the real world, and I came out a realist I guess.

Through all of this though, it was important to have something there to put my thoughts. I don't know how many times I found myself in tears writing or on the verge of a breakdown. Strangely enough though... No, not strangely enough, I haven't had to deal with those in the past few years. God guides me away from those now, thankfully. If you don't put yourself in horrible situations, then life is easier. Also, its not boring. I may not have a new topic to write on every day, but mainly its because not everything of your personal life is to be published to the public every day.

I am aware that my readership dropped awhile back and I haven't done much to bring it back up. I dropped this for about six months. All the people that I commented on their blogs stopped, and I didn't seek out new blogs. Not much time really. I still love this though. No plan to drop it. Every thought of deleting this disappears when I see the posts in April 2005 when I met Arthur. I smile reading them; its almost as if a different person wrote them. I know it was me. That person seemed a little bit more amusing though.

Well, till next time.

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