Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birth Control

The questions was asked of me of why I am against the use of birth control. It is easiest for me to take the religious approach on this question. I believe that God's purpose for sex is for procreation and it is against God's plan when you take away the possibility of procreation when it comes to sex. This also puts sex as something between two committed adults when you have the possibility of procreation for the purpose of the children produced.

But with everything that is explained religiously there is a logical answer to it as well. I always believe that as I believe in natural law. What has happened with birth control's rise in society? Has it benefited women as a whole? With birth control sex is just sex. With this you have to ask what is the reason for lasting relationships? Yes, there maybe companionship, but holds together companionship when there are fights and when there are just general problems? Nothing. There is a lack of purpose in the relationship. To have sex? What holds a man to a relationship?

Since there is birth control there is one thing I've noticed that is worst for women in general, that men seeing women just for sex. They don't see sex as the outcome of a lasting relationship with women. This takes away respect that men have for women in many cases and it causes less need for marriage in the long run for men. Why marry when you can just get sex? I hope I am not skipping too much in this.

I think that you can blame birth control and abortion for the rise of single motherhood in this country and the break down of the family. The reason? There is always an out for the man. "I thought you were of birth control? I never wanted kids.", "Why don't you just have an abortion?" And it isn't the men who make this choice, it is the women. Don't they say that? Women choose weather or not to have a baby? I realize I am taking this to an abortion discussion as well, but this is what happens. Birth control devalues the relationship between men and women and in the end it has devalued the natural family.

So that is a short version of why I am against birth control. I believe women should be still held up as ladies to men and be seen as more value than what they are today.

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