Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Started a group

I've tried to start a meetup group when I was having bad OCD symptoms the first time. I have gone on and off on trying to get it going. It is a group for people with OCD, which is hard to get people to meet about evidentally. I get one person at a time to meet me. I will just keep on trying as I go. The others I've met with have offered to help. But even not that many people are there to meet it is helpful talking to others with the same problem. It is interesting to see the similarities that people have to you. For instance I had a conversation that this other person plays games when they feel stressed out. So we started to talk about computer games. I play computer games, mainly Diablo 3 to help me out when thoughts are bad. I also try Tetris, which works pretty good.

But I keep scheduling these meetings with nobody but the same couple of people signing up when I have about 15 people in the group. I guess I will just keep trying. Meetup is pretty neat other than that. I have used it to meet people in more than one mother group. Those are pretty successful.

Nothing else new. Till next time.

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