Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blogging on blogging

I haven't been online since I wrote my last post. It can happen. The computer is not my life (though it is a big chunk of it).

What was hilarious to me was that my mother sent me an email today telling me to make contact and asking if she should call the police. Main reason being: I haven't blogged since friday! Okay, so there is also the fact that she hasn't been able to reach me on my cell (it has bad reception where I'm at), but that is normal for me to not answer the cell for days at a time. I even talked to her on Monday! Maybe she forgot, or me not blogging seemed to be unusual behavior for me as of recent.

What makes this blogging thing so damned addicting? I have encouraged several people to start after I got mine going... For the third time. Though what is it that makes us do it?

I use to hate computers. In highschool I prefered using a type-writter to a computer (unless I was writing papers). Computers had annoyed me since my parents got their first one. I lived in a small town where I was the only one of my friends who had a computer. All they wanted to do was play on it instead of doing other things... Like playing outside or with dolls or whatever the hell else I did as a child. I just didn't want to sit and play those stupid games!

I guess that changed at some point in my college carrer. It was probably when I was working at the library or the news paper and had the damned thing in front of me all the time... And partly because of games such as Diablo 2.

What is sad now is that I hate not having one now. Yes, I wrote earlier that it isn't my life, but I would have posted earlier if I only had access!

Its okay now. I have it in front of me. Everything is fine. I have my fix. Funny... I'm blogging on blogging:)


Turd Ferguson said...

Well, I could think of much worse ways to waste time (like watching golf on TV or collecting bellybutton lint). By the way, Jamie has her own blog now :
you can also link to it on my blog as well. You guys have fun. Also, Jamie will be coming down here to stay with me next week (I'm driving up to see her on Friday). Perhaps you and Art would like to do something with us if you're going to be in town.

Carney Man said...

Its addicting. I personally have a blog just to keep my brain from exploding from all the random thoughts bouncing around inside. So San Marcos huh? Hope its better than Nacogdoches in the summer.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Bogging is addictive, computers are addictive, and I, too, am addicted. I wonder if there should be a “bloggers anonymous” for us?