Monday, July 25, 2005

New links and Tv

I think its about time that I let you guys know that I put up even more links on my 'Blogs to check out' list:

Assassination Press
Nick's Bytes
The Voice of Reason
Turd's Titilating Tidbits

I believe that is it. The list has been growing recently. Pretty cool! Let's see what else...

My summer has been going by slowly as usual. I'm cool with it. I have been learning the pleasure of satellite tv. I am usually very much anti-tv. I get annoyed with people sitting around mindlessly watching television, having those certain shows they have to watch... Its like thier life depends on it. I think that started whenever I got sick of watching all the news channels and then all else there seems to be is reality shows with stupid sitcoms like Dharma and Greg.

Though maybe this is not any better. I had mostly just switched from tv to the computer. But for now, Point Break is on.


1 comment:

nixonreed said...

They remade Point Break with cars and they called it The Fast and the Furious.