Saturday, August 13, 2005

Family trip

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my family, Arthur and I went on a zip line tour yesterday in Austin(link here). It was for both my parents 33 wedding anniversary and my brothers graduation from Texas State.

Here is a picture of the group during the ground school. From left to right: my mom, me, Arthur, Matt(my brother) and my dad.

Here's one of the guides hooking my dad up to the line.

Now its Matt's turn. This is his second time doing this. He went on a zip line in Costa Rica. I'm sure that one was much more impressive, but this is nice for being close to home.

There he goes.

Here's the group of us crowding up on a platform. Then the guides would hook us in one at a time to zip across to the next platform. We were zipping from cypress trees, and I was told that the tallest one was over a hundred feet tall. I think that's pretty impressive for Austin.

Here's Arthur. I don't think we have any action shots of him going across. I know it was him and my dad that took most of the pictures. I think he took most of the shots of us going across.

I know this one was taken by Arthur. This is looking down from the tallest platform. And that is one of the guides. I wish I could get this video of my brother hanging off the side of the platform (strapped in, of course), but I don't know how to put up video.

This is a picture that my mother commanded me to take. I'm not how well you can see, but there are little red flowers. The rocks behind the flowers is a cave.

This is taken of the tree right across from the highest platform. Do you see the cactus? There is a prickly pear cactus growing upside down out of the trunk (in the corner of one of the branches)of the tree.

Here's my mom going across. Proof that she went regardless of her fear of heights. She says she still won't go bungie jumping.

Now I'm getting strapped in.

There I'm going across.

As we ended the zip tour we were picked up by a little girl in a cart. I should have taken a picture of her driving, but we only had room for one more picture. We drove past buffalo on the way. So here's one of the buffalo coming up to the fence. I didn't ask why they had buffalo on their property, but it was pretty cool.

That is it for the Canopy Tour. It was a fun afternoon! I would recommend it if you happen to be in the Austin area and you want something different to do. It was a good way to celebrate my brother's graduation:)

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tim said...

damn, ya'll need to get me the info for that stuff cuz i would love to do it when i return to san antonio.