Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More on Katrina

I've been trying to keep up with what has been happening with Hurricane Katrina. It has been quite devistating. Earlier I felt unlucky for traveling to Miami at the same time a hurricane hit, but now I feel incredibly lucky that the storm wasn't as severe when it hit where I was staying. Arthur tells me that Katrina reminds him of Andrew in how devestating it is. There is one thing that I see that has been consistant about Katrina, people underestimating how powerful she is. I don't know what the death toll is, but it seems that no one was expecting this much devestation.

I've been looking online to see what there is to do for those who were unlucky enough to live in areas devestated by Katrina. I saw that the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are collecting donations to help the victims. Just thought I would put links to them for those who wish to know how to help. That is the only way I know how at this point other than praying for those effected by this hurricane.


nixonreed said...

Prayer is powerful medicine my good woman very powerful indeed. Keep them in your hearts and your thoughts.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Keep up the posting and links regarding the catastrophe caused by Katrina! I’m drafting a post now on the same subject, which is coming from what I consider to be an absurd and inapt perspective.

Jay said...

This is scary stuff!!