Saturday, January 21, 2006

The day I spent in waiting rooms

I'm giving up on sleeping until this decogestant kicks in. Don't you hate it when you wake up really early in the morning and you can't breath? Have I always had so many sinus infections? Well, I spent most of the day yesterday at different doctors' offices. It was not on purpose. I had one schedualed a week before hand and then other things happened and I needed more appointments. It wasn't too bad since Art was availiable to drive me around all day, and sit in different waiting areas with me most of the day. At my regular doctor, some lesbian mexican lady passed out from an alergey shot and the doctor had to call the paramedics. I was in the damned place for over two hours, and they didn't even have to take her out in the ambulence! I wondered if this should be a sign about the reliability of the doctor, and I was frustrated to say the least. Art blames it on the fact I have a Canadian doctor. At least that is where she recieved her degree. She seems fine to me, or basically she hasn't done anything terrible and she is covered by my insurance. It was my second appointment of the day, but she felt I needed x-rays. So we had enough time to eat before I had to go off again to another appointment. All in all, we spent from 10am to some time past 5pm at different appointments. I gathered 5 new perscriptions and an incredible fear of ever not being on medical insurance. I've always been exspensive in that area. I think my mother even warned Art on that one. I just hope I'm better by Monday. I fly off for job training for three and a half weeks. That is just enough time to miss my fiance's birthday and Valentines Day. In fact, I was told I'll be back the day after Valentines Day. Oh yes, that also means I miss my brother's birthday. The job is worth it. Well, I'm going to try and sleep again. I'm sure I'll write when I'm in training. I'll have wireless internet, a laptop and nothing to do after training. I've still recieved complaints on not using spell check. I just want to let those upset by that to know I just tried and my computer blocked it. I don't care to spend that much time on these posts anyway. Till next time...

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The Ohio River Valley where I live has a history of creating breathing problems. I awaken each morning unable to breathe and spend the first 5 minutes of each day hacking the junk out of my lungs. Until last night. I purchased an over the counter expectorant in pill form and I awoke with no need to hack.

I hope you feel better before Monday so you can enjoy at least a bit of the weekend!