Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Since I always copy Memes from her...

This is the meme of four from Anastasia! I can't seem to sleep. I need something to entertain myself with. Here it is:

Four Jobs You've Had

1. Library Assistant
2. An editor for college newspaper
3. Cashier at a place that sells cigarettes
4. Instructional Assistant

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. Hudson Hawk
2. In The Mouth of Madness
3. Father of the Bride
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Four Places You've Lived

1. Amarillo, TX
2. Terrell, TX
3. San Marcos, TX
4. College Station, TX

Four Shows You Love To Watch

1. Malcolm In the Middle
2. South Park
3. Sopranos
4. Design On a Dime

Four Places You' ve Been On Vacation

1. Seattle, Washington
2. Florence, Italy
3. Durango, Colorado
4. Inverness, Scotland

Four Blogs I've Been Reading Longest

1. Umbrae Canarum
2. Blog Is A Dumb Name
3. What Me Worry?
4. Ancient and Future Catholic Musings

Four of Your Favorite Foods

1. Ice Cream
2. Pizza
3. Quiche
4. Chiken and Dumpling Soup

Four Places You'd Rather Be

1. Canterbury
2. the highlands
3. skiing... anywhere
4. Where there is snow

Four Albums You Can't Live Without, Lately

This doesn't really apply to me. I'm pretty flexible as long as the music is not annoying.

Four Vehicles You've Owned

None really. My parents have owned them. Oh wait, I have owned bikes:

1. Mongoose
2. Schwinn

That is it. Later!


Anonymous said...

oh I LOVE the sopranos. should have listed them.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I hope making the lists helped you get some sleep!

Jay said...

Wow, we have nothing in common. :)

REC said...

Hey, SebastianBlayac here from Weirdsville, check out our new site at

Hope to see ya there.

Yakiniku said...

Pretty interesting. I've been gone for awhile. You're engaged? Congratulations!!!