Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm a little busy

I'm still not use to this, but I'll get paid for it and that is all that matters. I'm still out training. I dream about training and then I wake up startled a couple times in the night thinking I'll be late. That happens to me no matter what I have planned in the morning. I'm usually late for things, and work is one thing I never want to be late for. In my job they are rather anal about it. I told them I was punctual. So far I haven't let them down. What will be difficult is if I get the 4:30am shift. At least there will be no traffic to work. Anything new? Nothing to post about. No new dog. No reason to get one when I'm away from home so much. Maybe after I get back home.

Something completely unrelated...

(PSR) Progressive Cognitive Disorder

1. utopian thinking

anthroplastic ideas

antitheistic rebellion

naturist delusion

environmental spasm

control obsession

7. ....

I've got to go . List continues on the link above. It explains it better on the site as well. Just thought it was funny. Good day!

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