Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Southern Pride

I've posted on being a Texan once before. Being outside of the state brings that post back to mind, and specifically a side point I made about southern pride:

Even I, going over seas, would call myself a "Texan" rather than an "American"... Then I get extremly offended when they call me a "Yank". I knew that they wouldn't understand, but I was drunk and I thought they should know that I am from the other side!
There is also the fact that Art reminded me, "that I am on the other side now." Yes, I am in Yankee territory. I have to admit that is a rarity for me. And you might be wondering right now, why the hell should this matter? In reality it doesn't. It isn't something on my mind day to day as I go to and from training. I don't sit there and curse the locals, "Damn Yank!" Though I have to admit that would be funny to see. You wouldn't expect it from a young woman in a buisness suit, would you? Back to the point. We are a Union and have been for quite awhile, but there is a southern pride as well. I've been told, we lost the war why don't we get over it?

I'll give my reason for southern pride. I am a history buff and I also love to study geneology. With my family history I am both eligible to join the Daughters of the Confederacy and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. In other words, my family has quite a history with this state and in the south. Art pointed out to me that my family seems to have a long history of southern women marrying northern men who never again leave the south. Regardless, I think of my family's involvement when I think of the Civil War. Why did my family fight for the south? I think it is fairly easy to say why, it was their home. No one at that time would associate themselves as being a part of the U.S. when asked. They were a Texan or Virginian or whatever state they lived in. That was part of their identity. Texas is one place that still holds on to that tradition. That was the reason in my drunkeness overseas I was offended being called a Yank. When I leave the state, I do leave my home. Though most Americans in other states see little difference from living on the opposite sides of the country (at least that is what I've been told). I think it is good to have such pride. What else am I going to associate myself with? No one really wants to simply think of themselves as a white American. Most want some identity with their roots. What am I going to use? Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Austrian American??? I usually just say I'm Irish Catholic, but I've been told that is what many use. When I look back at my family history, why not have pride in my roots in southern part of the U.S. as well?

Enough of that. I don't fly the rebel flag in front of the house or anything. I'm just stuck here by myself with nothing to entertain me other than this computer. Though any image that would be shown of someone flying the rebel flag would no doubt be a racist redneck in a big pick-up truck. That reminds me of the conversation about not all women who drive pick-ups are lesbians, but that is another post for another time.

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LutherPunk said...

Glad to know I am not the only one in the world with a bit of Southern pride!

Seems that one of the last acceptable prejudices in an ever PC world is to talk bad about southerners.