Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby names

Though not pregnant, baby's are on the brain. I have talked with several girls and it seems to be norm for girls to have an idea of their future children's names before they are even married. I was thinking about that myself. I have no definite names in mind. I am not sure if it matters too much. But what would I use when I have kids? What would I name a boy or girl?

I do have one definite standard, the name has to be Christian. Just standard, other than that I guess this is something that goes on feeling and also it has to go with my last name, so nothing starting with the same letter.

Now I could also go with names in my and my husband's family (this is taking into effect above standards); Boy names : Frank, Duran, Jessie, Matthew, William, Joseph, Michael, Arthur, Salvatore, Eleazar, Alfredo. That is just a few... For Girl names: Anne or Ana, Mary or Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Claire, Marlyn, Barbara, Julie.

Now with these I am going no further than grandparents. I do have names past that, some of the girl names are pretty, but I don't have them with me.

Now there is also the possibility of using names from those inspirational or of famous figures that we admire... That sort of thing. For boys: Thomas (St. Thomas Aquinas), Theodore (president), William (William F. Buckley), Aristotle (maybe not, but just comes to mind)... I have to think more on that one. For girls: Anne (multiple figures and family ties, so this one is strong), Marie (this is my patron saint's name).

So what is my preference. If you can't tell I am more settled on girl name than boy. But no reason to rush into things.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You’re right, El. There is no reason to rush—unless you pick a name and don’t discuss it with you husband until you’re in labor (as my ex-wife did with our first son).