Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Post....

I am writing because I hate seeing that quiz on the top of my blog and there being no posts for the past year, but so life goes. You know I was thinking of past posts on my blog. I mean, this thing goes back years!

Amazing how time flies.

Anyway. I did posts on March 05, Nafisi, Nabokov and random thoughts. This was an interesting one when I look back on it. Especially how I said,

No, we do not have a repressive regieme where we feel helpless with the fear of death upon us. Yet we still lock ourselves into this materialistic world with the idea that it will make us happy.... That we have to find this perfect career to make us happy for the rest of our lives. What is the outcome? Well, in Jess's and my case it is going through the education system till we receive our Ph D's. What is the repayment of working away your youth? Why, more work... for security and stuff. Through this I am told never to marry till I'm done with school in my 30s and enjoy what you are forced to do. Hey you'll get plenty of vacation time when your too old to really enjoy it:)

Well, I do still think there is an illusion of the perfect career to some, but I'm not sure if that is the case anymore. No one stays in the same position for years; you can usually make more money from going to a new company once you have a few years experience. That is what I feel like I am doing... I am almost at that two year point of experienced recruiter, "ooo -aaah".

Not as prestigious as my original career path and what my mom chose, but it can be good for money if you pick the right industry and get with a company that won't rip you off (which from what I've heard is common).

I am just happy I have a place I can go to work that I can stand. Of course my job has now had the brilliant idea of moving the work place across the street from the beach. Now to some this might sound exciting. Imagine this, you look out at the window from morning before sunrise to evening when the sun is going down with only an hour in the sun each day. I can only think of it like having the seat at school looking out at the playground. You watch each and every recess period, but you get 1 hour. Except in my situation even that one hour I can't exactly go to stand on the beach in my work clothing.

So, I will stay at this a little longer and then see what comes about from there. Hope for higher base pay somewhere out there, better commission structure and the possibility for benefits... like what my parents had through the state... We can only dream.

Funny, how perspective on life can change. I was resistant to developing to the life I have here, but I am happier now. Regardless, all these developments of life no matter if materialistic or not are very much the order of human existence. Depression seems to develop from trying to get away from it.

Well, I've accomplished my goal. Got the quiz off the top. Now, I'll try not to be as scarce, but no promises. Life is unpredictable.

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