Thursday, May 29, 2008

Job Change?

I am contemplating going between positions.

Why? I feel like I have to ask myself. I have to be very sure that I am ready. I have a position where I am respected in my office and I have control over the day to day activities. But, the control only goes so far.

I work in recruiting or sales... Same difference to me. This job consists of long hours. I sit in my seat for nine hours a day. I work for commission, so I am driven for to not take breaks. I had times that I had trouble taking lunch. They don't have regular breaks, just 7-12 then lunch, 1-5 (usually 6pm), and I go home. It is close to home, so that is fine. I am just tired.

Also, the commission structure is fine for temporary employment, but when your client goes to permanent the commission is questionable. Then there is the turnover at my position, which hurts you because of everyone being teamed together.

I will stop bitching.... I do get along with the people, which was one thing that makes this hard. I have also made money off of this, but the last complaint is why it is not consistent. Someone will bank off my efforts though.

I have a friend who is waving more immediate money in front of me at another recruiting company. Now, there is the initial build up, but there is the larger commission, larger base and less hours. Not too much farther from home either.

So more pay for less hours is good. Now I just have to interview. I feel secure that I am going between positions right at my two year mark. It does seem like a good deal. I will let you know if I take it. The only thing that makes me not want to if I get pregnant... But I wouldn't have done a thing if I waited for everything because I might get pregnant. Why wait for something that may not happen for another year or ever?

I just leave it to God's hands. I asked for an out and he handed it to me. I can only believe that it is his work. Till next time...

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