Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thinking too much on 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!

We are here in Miami watching 1776, and thinking of the politics of today in comparison to what it was. Our country was founded for freedom from a tyrant and the belief that the people can govern themselves through a republic.

What baffles me today is this idea that US needs "change". Our country is the best country in the world and to our knowledge the best in the history in the world. We base our beautiful country off of the ideas of our founding fathers and in our Constitution. To this day it has not failed us. So what is it that is so horrible to this day that needs change?

I have a couple of theories. In the writings of the founding fathers and noticeable make up of the country of the time, our country was founded by Christians. We believe that we has certain inalienable rights endowed to us by God. If these rights are not endowed by God, then who says there is any reason for rights and freedom? Our worst nations in history were those devoid of God. Devoid of the idea of something greater than ourselves. To me, that is something that our citizens are forgetting more day by day that is an essential to maintaining this great country. Without the idea of the laws of these country are backed by God, then why keep these laws or why make them in the same fashion? What is the reason? I see relativism as a major problem in the make up of our country. Even in my family and friends. When you don't see right and wrong in a situation then who is to say anything when people are doing things either thought to be classless or immoral. "They can do as they want." The same in the leaders in our country. What is the reason for freedom of speech, freedom of religion... and other such basic freedoms we believe everyone is entitled to be our creator? There is a falling respect for the basis of what backs our constitution and our country. That is a problem.

Another thing I see is not necessarily a growing apathy, but a growing population that acts as what I best call a "Spoiled brat". Have you ever hung out with someone spoiled? The ones I've been around have a lack of respect of where their money comes from and an unreal sense of entitlement. Now with the growing popularity of Obama, I've noticed that this sense of entitlement has been country wide. Why are we entitled to health care? Why are we entitled to hand outs? Many voted in Obama with this idea that he would take care of everything. Now, with this attitude, I think back to a blog I saw from an Iranian blogger from when I first discovered blogs (so I can't exactly link to it from the fact I could not find it). This blogger stated that they did not understand Americans who avoided voting and didn't find that it was anything of importance. This blogger stated that in living in a country like this, the first thing you should to take advantage of is every means there is to have your voice heard. Otherwise, it is the equivalent of having others decide for you. If you would want others to make decisions for you, then the ideal country is Iran. They will tell you how to dress, where you can go, what you can do. They will command you on everything. You live in the United States to be free. I absolutely loved this when I read it. So the questions is, what happens to a country that now wants others to take care of them? You can't have individuality and be told what to do. How can our republic be kept up with those who wish to keep to going in a democracy. It does take work. Otherwise, we may be inviting in a tyrant. If not with this election, then one may come soon. I worry about this one personally.

So this idea of change, for whatever reason, took hold during the election and is being put into effect now. I wonder if people are really going to get what they want. If they will be happy. Myself, I will be content as long as no one gets in the way of my faith or letting me raise my family in the way I believe. I fear that there may be interference though. The reason for the growth in political blogging.

I see the source of this call for "change" is not from a good source. I see that the soul of this country is in trouble. It is our duty to do what we can to save it. It is a sin to be quiet and watch it idly as it fades away. Because we are the greatest country in the world still. The question is where are we going from here?

Enjoy the rest of your 4th of July, which if you are on the east coast you have 5 more minutes.

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