Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another day in April

I am drinking hot tea sitting up in bed next to my little sleeping daughter. My stomach is killing me and I am anticipating my husbands arrival home in the middle of the night from travel. I am never sure if I should be writing on the deeper things on life or if people only really care for the simple day to day things. Maybe if I were an expert on any certain subject then deeper writing would be readily acknowledged by other; I am an expert on nothing, but I have an opinion on everything.

So for the lighter things in life... I am slowly preparing for a first birthday. Because I moved a couple of times recently and am in a new area, the party will only be intimate; but my little one still deserves a celebration all the same. I went to the toy store and got her a little doll house for her age (you know, nothing she can choke on). Then I got her this little activity center that has a tiny slide, baseball and basketball; again appropriate for a one year old. She is a little active thing, so I am sure she will enjoy it all. It is amazing how she has seemed to gained energy in just the past week. Next I have to think of theme... Possibly Easter. I mean it will be celebrated on Easter, so that kinda settles it. I would have been happier with a Sesame Street one though. And how many more birthdays will I have this much control over? I don't think too many of them. I mean she she will be able to speak by the next one.

Other than that we have a business that is in so many ways just about to take off further and I am excited just looking at the possibilities. Not much else to write on that front though; not much I like to give away. I realize now how valuable my knowledge is. Not many have seen multi-million dollar businesses grow from scratch. I hope I am about to see it again. The very first bit you go through can be painful, but this part we are getting to is fun. There is a reason people become entrepreneurs, I think it is the same reason people sky dive or gamble. Except with this there is less risk of bodily harm and better odds than gambling... Dependent on your model.

So there is life for right now. I don't think I can type much longer, the sound starts to wake the baby after awhile. Kinda funny, I find it soothing... Goodnight.

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