Monday, April 11, 2011

Turning 29 this month

This month brings so much celebration in a short amount of time. It is my wedding anniversary to start and then my daughter's birthday around Easter and then my birthday ends out the month. So much happens in April that I tend to loose track of my birthday usually. I know last year I had just had my daughter; everyone asked about my birthday, but all I could say is I got my gift. She was who I had waited for years to meet. So I made it by my birthday with little sleep taking care of a newborn and healing from my delivery. The whole period is a bit of a haze. This year I am turning 29. I have moments here and there where I think of it, but again life has a way of distracting you. I have a little girl about to turn 1, a business to attend to and we have just moved across the country to Virginia.

But there are times when I need to think back a little. I have a realization that I am not old; Art laughs at me saying anything to the contrary just for the fact that he is older than me. It is just kind of a realization that at the same time that you are much more of an adult; at the same time you are not young. Seems silly, it probably will looking back at this. But I look back at my life so far and where I am at isn't that bad. I am in no way feel sad about the future, but more anxious for each of the next steps to happen. The lord has blessed me with a wonderful husband and now a wonderful child that is about to turn one. And she is gorgeous! Everything else can go crazy from time to time, including the emotions, but really what else do you need.

I do have to pause for a moment and ask what else I want out of life? With thinking of that the answers come to me; some slowly as I think on it from time to time through the last few weeks. I want to have a large family. I grew up with a large extended family but a small household family. It didn't matter though, the extended family seemed to always be around when I was little. I associate the time I lived near them to be a very happy time in my childhood. I missed them when we moved further out. I know my daughter will not have a large extended family and so I do want to have a large household. I don't want her to ever feel alone. I know she will always be loved, but I don't know how much other family will optionally be around us. Its plainly just because of where we live like when I moved further out when I was younger.

Also, I want success. Sound strange? As much work as I've put into start ups I don't think that is too much to ask. I've felt like I've spent a good part of my 20s putting my life into different business' and now into my own. So all I want is a little success. I've had my victories, but I haven't made it to the point where I can look and say, "I did it". May be that is a few years off, but it would be a relief.

You know, from that all else should flow. So that is it for my list a family and success in a business.... whichever it may be:) Still years in the making, but as I said before, I am far from old.

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