Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

My little one is a year old today. I wish it didn't fall on Good Friday, but it was just luck. Today is a day of fasting a contemplation. Today signifies the day that Jesus died for our sins and we wait for his coming. I never have time for reading and study anymore.... I don't quite u derstand the place of mourning of the day. It shouldn't be a day of celebration, but even at that time wouldn't it simply a time of anticipation for those of faith. They knew he was to come again in three days and do as the Lord promised. He also sacrificed himself for us on this day. He gave himself for our sins. So, on Sunday it represents the day he gave us our everlasting life; but Friday is really the beginning of that promise. Maybe I'm missing something. For this day, I decided it was no time to celebrate for my daughter. She is one today, but the focus should be on our Lord. Today he made the ultimate sacrifice, and for that we give our undying love.
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Anonymous said...

I don't think they did know, actually. At least, it isn't clear they understood what he said. Besides that, I connect with the feeling of mourning the trauma he experienced. We mourn today and tomorrow we wait in expectant hope. There's time for everything.