Friday, June 24, 2005

My home state

Texas has always been my home.

I've never known what part of Texas to call my home though... North Texas, East Texas, West Texas or Central Texas? I've lived in a few locations, but I have never lived out of the state. Not like its hard. Its sometimes difficult for "non-Texans"(if that is a term) to grasp the idea of living in the same state as your parents but still being 8 hours drive away(10 hrs according to mapquest... little do they know). It is its own country... Or at least that is what some Texans wish to believe(I'm not one of them).

Even I, going over seas, would call myself a "Texan" rather than an "American"... Then I get extremly offended when they call me a "Yank". I knew that they wouldn't understand, but I was drunk and I thought they should know that I am from the other side! To top it off, they would then ask about Bush... I'd have to explain that he isn't from Texas. Then they'd be happy with me after that. I'd learned early, foriegners don't like Bush. But that isn't the point. What was the point... Oh yes, the pride in the state. It seems I've brought southern pride into it as well.


There is great pride in this state. Someone told me that it is a myth that Texas is the only state that can fly its flag even with the American flag since it use to be a republic. Then the truth is that there is no standards on how high it must be flown. Texas is the only state asshole enough to fly the flag at the same height as the American Flag, or sometimes higher.

Arthur also pointed out to me the other day how you won't find another state that has so much things you can buy in its own shape. For instance cheese.

Let's see what else... Of course, Texas bathrooms. The popular Texas shower curtain!

I know what you must be thinking, "Why the hell would someone want a shower curtain with the state flag on it?" I have really never figured that one out, but it is popular. I've seen many of them.

So, what is the reason to write on Texas pride? Because I'm a f@#king Texan and I feel like it... Okay, no that won't work. Think El, "You like people coming to your blog, don't scare them off." I know that conscience, thank you for interviening.


Umm... Just thinking about it I guess. I feel like I know so little of the rest of the United States. I always wanted to try living somewhere else... no specific location, but OUTSIDE OF TEXAS. But I've been told that I'll end up wanting to come back... Then I think of Texas pride... Yeah, I am a Texan. I notice I do have pride in the state. As stated above it shows mostly when you are outside of the state. I had a cousin that moved to Detroit and then decided he liked Cowboy boots and wanted to move back to Dallas... I remember him being a rocker with spiked hair as a teenager. Is that what will happen to me? Will I one day wake up and decide that I like cowboy boots and listen to country music?

I shudder at the thought...

Okay, I have to stop this post now. I don't want to give myself nightmares;)


Your Friendly Neighborhood Clark Bar said...

Outside looking in, the whole Texas pride thing doesn't make a lot of sense. I mean, granted, you guys were a country for about ten years and all...that's kind of cool. But come on, it must not have been going all that well or else they never would have applied for statehood in the first place.

Anyway, just a thought. Dig your blog.

InterstellarLass said...

From a fellow Texan, yes, it's a great state, but did they have to make it so dang hot!?!?

Free to Be said...

Came over from blogexplosion. The pics are nice and I have a 15 yr old that loves DBZ! You are NOT alone!

el said...


I'll have to ask on that one. The Republic of Texas is not one of my areas of study. It makes me wonder though, what would have happened if Texas hadn't of joined before the Civil War? Hmm...


The heat does suck. Imagine staying here at a time with no airconditioning... That would have really sucked.

free to be-

Good to know. Though it makes me feel a little immature... Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

el said...

Oh yeah, to those of you who may be wondering why I have a picture of myself at the top of this post with a bunch of flowers... Those are bluebonnets, the state flower:)

nixonreed said...

R Lee Emery said the only good thing to come out of Texas our queers and steers. But your much nicer than him so i'll take your word fror it. For those who don't know the quote comes from Full Metal Jacket.

Katy said...

I love the pictures of the bluebonnets. Being a fellow Texan, I miss them so much. Oh, you can get totilla chips in the shape of Texas at H.E.B. I think I miss New Braunfels the most. I am from San Antonio, but manged Pat's Place in New Brainfels. I want to hop on the river, drink a beer, and then maybe head to the square for a few drinks.

srah said...

Michigan is really fond of making things in its shape, too. And Michiganders always point out where they're from on their hands!

(I'm here from BlEx..)