Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Update

Wow, this is much easier means of blogging. Just do it straight from my phone. The sun has drained me today. I live five minutes from the beach, but never go out to swim. It takes someone coming in on vacation. That has come to be a common occurance recently, which is suprising for one thing because the winter is the in season. In the summers the streets clear out and your regular restraunts change to thier "summer hours". Then a new thing I saw was a store that had a sign up saying "Open by request or by chance". The point being, the area is half of what it is "in season" or in the winter. But as a local, I like this time of year. No cars trying to hit you, really because they are too old to drive. No Snowbirds. They hate the heat and run away from the possibility of hurricanes. I have to admit the winters are pleasant, but I would much rather spend a summer here than in Texas. Texas summers can be torture. Now I am going to finish watching my programs,
check to make sure there's no work and head off to bed. It's only around 9 pm, but what else is there to do...

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