Friday, July 10, 2009

Pope's Meeting with the President

I am writing from an email for the first time, so I am curious how this works. I've been reading about Pope Benedict XVI meeting with Obama recently, and it leaves me torn in being offended by the number of conservatives criticizing him and at the same time by several liberals praising him. From both sides I have heard nothing in regards to respect of the Catholic Church, but rather one or another pushing an agenda.

I can understand with the Pope meeting with Obama in that we have a large Catholic population, and it is not one to ignore. I admit I have not read exactly what was said, but I don't like the spin. We as people of faith cannot conceide to those who follow evil ideas and worship through false teachings. I do find that many are falling to worship of the earth through environmentalism, and our government uses such issues as a means to take further control. I don't like that the Pope agreeing with protection of the earth, the need of healthcare reform is in a way agreeing with Obama. Obama's ideas in no way go with the beliefs in the Catholic church, and to present that the Pope is concieding any way to him is quite offensive. Then again I need to look at what was said. Of coarse I am much more of the belief that the Vatican needs to be stricter with it's US church. In not being so I believe they are loosing more faithful. I do believe that the Pope will do
the right thing for the church. I pray he does.

People writing that the Pope is good strictly for agreement with Obama and finding of further reason to criticize the religious conservative Catholics does offend me. Well, I am passing out now. About time....

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