Monday, July 13, 2009

Myth of the Great Life in Florida

If you know anything of South Florida, the areas not controlled by the Cubans are filled with people from the north east, Boston, New York, etc. Mostly an older population that came down from fear of cold weather. From the way people talk of the winters of the north east here you would think they are torture. I've come to believe the older you get the more you hate the cold. Well, of all these people move at some point away from thier friends and family to live perpetual sun, where the only difference is between the rainy season and dry season. You see they all went on vacation once to South Beach or to see their friends in Boca and the thought came to them, "why not live here where I could go to the beach every day?" Especially if they are with thier friends, they say nothing about how sunny and wonderful it is. They also seem to be talking about being out at the beach or on the boat when you are braving snow storms.

So, you make the move. You were able to buy a cheaper house for the same or more space and you go to find another job, or go to a retirement community depending on your age. But those who look for a new job notice the money isn't as good, so the expenses even out. Those who think they can go to the beach every day realize it tends to loose it's charm after the first week or so. I mean, who wants to go through all the preparation of going to the beach all the time? Plus, that sand gets everywhere. But still, you moved, and life goes on. You talk to your friends back home and the last thing you want to tell them is that life is pretty much the same except warmer, and maybe a little worse on the allergies (if you moved to South Florida because you thought your allergies would be better you're a moron). So you brag about the beach and tell your friends how wonderful life is...

This is how South Florida stedily gets it's population from the North East, and belive me this is not just me saying this. It really is a common joke down here people play if they relize it or not. I've talked to several transplants from Florida and we even joke about it. So I apologize to any Floridians if I am breaking the scam, but you've really got to call it what it is.

But hey, Im a transplant to Florida just like.... Almost everyone else down here. You know what you see on my social networking sites that I post to all my friends and family back in Texas and everywhere else? I have pictures of the beach I walk by every day and comments on the weather.... Like I said, everyone is in on it.

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Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Your description of south Florida reminds me again why, even though I am retired, I will not relocate there.

Dan Lacey said...

You LIE about the great state of FLORIDA.