Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bring the Sword

Christ did come to bring peace between us, and that is widely accepted with most in Christianity. I believe what most have problems with is any acceptance of violence.

If one reads the bible, it isn't exactly all love and peace. Regardless of what one wants to think there was the banishing of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, there was the destruction of Sodom and Gamora, and there were the plagues during the time of Moses. This doesn't even bring up the battles supported by God.

These are mostly writings of the Old Testament, but where is there the belief to ignore these books? I've put on this blog before the quote where it mentions Jesus was here to bring the sword. Forgive me for not having the quote, but I'm writing from my phone. What I see from this is that we Christians are not all the religion of peace. No, we are the religion of Christ; that always overrides peace. Let me explain myself.

With the idea of peace, there are no base beliefs behind this, just the idea of not having violence. For instance, if there were many in a group chastising a figure you held dear, and if you spoke up there would be the invitation of violence. Those for standing up for thier idol would not be the peacemaker, but would be standing up for what he held dear. The same for Christians, I do not believe Christ meant for us to be silent to those against him to keep peace. I do not believe that Christianity is the religion of peace, but of following the principles of Christ and the laws given to Moses by God. Sometimes it means standing up against mother, brother and friend. Especially today. Inevitebly it is to win souls, and when will any you love be saved if you don't speak up?

Okay, I'm up way too late. Goodnight.

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