Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I was talking to the girl at work today about our ex-boyfriends.

Nice topic right.

There is one point that I hear many times about while discussing past relations, abuse. I'm not sure if it has to do with who I am and who I attract to these conversations, or that abuse is just that damned prevalent. Whatever it is, it disturbs me to no end. I've already discusses abuse with two girls today, and so it is on my mind.

What do I hate the most about this topic? I'd have to say is how many in the outside world looks at it.

"Why would she stay/go back to that guy?" "How did she get herself in that situation?"

You know what I see in that statement, blame. That is many times why it is hard for this topic to be discussed with friends and family, unless they've experienced it too. I know it is hard for many to empathise with women in that situation. Trust me they don't want things to be that way either. Abuse puts people in a weak state of mind that is many times (if in the relationship too long) hard to recover from. Women either feel that there is no escape, or they truly don't understand what is going on is wrong. Whatever the reason, blame is the last thing that they need more of. Its better to ask "what the fuck was wrong with that guy?" and if the woman is safely away from the asshole.

But most of our society accepts these situations as norm. At least that is what I've discovered. Though this is not an area of expertise for me, just one of interest for personal reasons.

I will write more on it later I'm sure.

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