Thursday, March 31, 2005

Battle Angel

This will be painted on my wall one day.


derekc said...

I never realized you were this good of an artist. I have tried to draw but I don't seem to have very good freehand skills. I do a lot better with precise diagram drawings and stuff like that. It is good for drawing architecture stuff but architects are supposed to freehand draw as well. I guess that is why I prefer using a computer

el said...


Everyone has their talents in different areas. I wish I would have known that I could do this earlier... then maybe I could have at least minored in art. I need perfecting!

I was looking at one of my friend's art the other day. He's an illustrator... pretty good too. He was telling me how I need a nude model (my bro has told me the same thing). The human form is so complex... you need someone in front of you. That is why I use to only do anime figures... the form is distorted anyway. The more recent ones are simply from my imagination.