Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm back!

Yes, Spring Break is over. Right now I am thinking of how cool it would be if it lasted for two weeks instead of one. I could still use a week to catch up on work. Yep, I completely blew off all school work for the week and still have a shit load due.

That's cool though. I went to the beach... The cold beach. Not just that though. There was a riot on the beach between Texas and Oklahoma fraties. Through this chaos I lost my wallet with money and two IDs... the ones that belonged to Jess and I.

No Trojan Party for us. (sigh)

I did get to go to Louie's though! This is the place of the Trojan Party. This is also where Jess had alcohal poisoning last year. Hey, the place still kicks ass. We drank the "death punch" (that's what Jess refered to it as), and this time I had a slight insident the first night. No... I did not get poisoning or throw up. I wasn't even that drunk!

But I passed out!

Oh it was embaressing! Everyone thought I was shit faced at the time. I just walked out of the bathroom and then fainted. I remember waking up to five guards carrying my ass out of the club. Thank God my friends grabbed me before I was taken to the EMS.

Yes, because of me the first night ended early. I made it to the hotel and walked back perfectly fine and munched on food till I fell asleep. I realized a little late that I had nothing on my stomach but the "death punch". Well, at least there were no hospital trips this time.

I have to say that South Padre did not live up to my expectations. I still had an okay time. Sorry... can't say it was great. Though I enjoyed hanging out with the friends that I went on the trip with.

I'll have more to say later. There will also be a few pictures. Not many though. Later!


Jessica said...

Hey that's not my fault you didn't have fun. I had a badass time except for the last night. That was weird how that blonde guy was rubbing his ass on me though. I could have gotten with that dude from the last night but something just didn't feel right. For some reason I felt guilty even though I don't have a boyfriend.

el said...

I'm honestly glad you didn't get with that guy... Ugh, who would want to get with someone from OSU! Sorry, I think the riot just brought out much more of a bias in me.
Anyway, its not our fault I didn't have a great time. I think it is obvious from the post that I cause my own damned problems... My absentmindedness is my worst enemy sometimes.

Jessica said...

Oh well, nobodys perfect!

jarmywayne said...

I Think the best time of the trip was when we all ran around on the beach after Louis, throwing sand at and tackling each other. Maybe not the best trip but nonetheless a memorable one!

el said...

Yeah... like I said I did enjoy hanging out with you guys:)