Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Roommate horror stories

I hate going drinking, not coming home till past 3am, and still having to go to work the next day. Adding alcohol to the lack of sleep just increases the fuzziness. Oh well, maybe one day I'll learn. Somehow I doubt it though.

I think my last post shows that I've felt a little out of it since I have returned from spring break... at least a little more pessimistic than usual. Since I've been both single and stopped the anti-depressants I never get depressed(I think being single has had the more postive effect... stopping the later just decreased my twitching). I have become increadibly pessimistic though. Maybe I've mentioned that before. I don't remember.

Another sign of needing to cut down on the drinking. Memory loss.

Writing about drinking, this girl I work with had an interesting story. When she stepped out of her room this morning she noticed that her living and kitchen area had standing water, and the water in her bathhroom was running. One of her room mates stumbled out of the bathroom in a towel, covered in puke. Leslie(the girl I work with) told me that her roommate takes a bath every night before bed. She passes out next to the tub last night and left the water running. She appeared really pissed at her friend. Hell, I don't blame her. She ended up cleaning up her friend's puke before her 8am class this morning. Damn... I would be kicking her ass out! She is in a sorority though, so she can't do that:)

This makes me think of another drinking roommate horror story. It is the story of Puddles. I know many have already heard of her. My friends and I made sure all would be warned not to let this girl pass out in their house. Puddles has a control problem whenever she drinks which one of my girlfriends found out unfortunaly the first night she moved in with her. Puddles slept on my friend's trundle bed because she hadn't moved her stuff in yet. The next morning the room had a funny oder. My friend noticed her new roommate had pissed on the bed, and just pushed the trundle bed back under her bed. Unfortunatly, Puddles never learned how to clean up after herself. She did this whereever she passed out at. I've made damned sure she never slept at my place.

That is enough of that. These stories are really disgusting. Sorry to those who have been grosed out by the post. I'll put something better up later. Now I'm reminded of why its cool that I live with my brother. We never have problems to that extent. Though I think he is annoyed by my lack in cleanliness. Siblings always have little problems.



delicat_angel said...

Wow, the roommate with the water problem...ya she would be DEAD! And the girl with the bathroom problem...well I could not imagine attempting to talk to her again. I would have to laugh at her ever time I saw her.

el said...

Yeah, that chic is lucky she's still alive. I just can't believe people will embaress themselves like that and leave others to clean up after them!

As for Puddles, I've had to hold back many times. What is even worse is that she has a boyfriend. My friend that lived with Puddles called him the deep sea fisherman.

Thanks for dropping by!

Jessica said...

Gross! I met Puddles one time...
That's mean to talk about her like that though. She either has a horrid physical condition or possibly a mental problem of some sort. If we were all so lucky to have a boyfriend who didn't care if we pissed all over the place!

el said...

She could at least clean up after herself when she pisses on other's stuff. She never does though.