Saturday, March 05, 2005

I love Goya!

I was actually finishing a sketch up to post today... but I was sidetracked. As I was drawing my brother, the art-history expert, told me that I might be interested in Francisco de Goya(1746-1828). He told me that it seemed more my style... so I looked him up. I am interested in art, but mostly what I know comes from Matt(brother); other than that I am rather ignorant on the subject. I think this is proven in that I didn't know who Goya was. So... I found all his paintings, prints and drawings online at the Web Gallary of Art. I have to say that I have found a new favorite artist. I love his prints(especially this one 'The sleep of reason produces monsters'):

The sleep of reason produces monsters

This is one that I did know of before. I have to say that I was excited when Matt pointed out that this was one of Goya's prints. Well... I can definatly say that my quality is in no way comparable to Goya, but I can see where my bro thought I'd be interested. Goya has a combination of religious art and political satire... all that I love. I always wondered why no one used 'The sleep of reason produces monsters' print in any political cartoon. Hey, it'd be cool:)

These are some of my favorite: 'Out Hunting for Teeth!', 'The Madhouse', 'Witches' Sabbath', 'A Procession of Flagellants', 'Witches in the Air', and 'Truth Has Died'.

My fridays are usually very uneventful. I have probably spent way too long looking at Goya's art. So now I am going to pull myself away from the computer and try to do something a little more productive. Let's see if it works...


Jessica said...

Don't pull too hard!

davestarr said...

Goya is pretty dope, did you ever finish that politcal cartoon you did that was based on this print? I can't remember.

el said...

Nope... I chunked it.