Thursday, March 31, 2005

Crazey thing happened at the lab

I'm off work early today. The lab caught on fire. Pretty weird,eh.

I work at the front taking names and such. I have a feeling that my sense of smell is a bit off. People were coming up to me saying, "It smells like burning plastic", and "is there something wrong with the heater?"

I eventually smelled it. Vishnu(the lab tech) walked around trying to locate the smell. When he couldn't locate it he went back to his seat and put on the head phones.

Then people walked in saying, "Is the burning smell coming from here? We can smell it down the hall."

The incredible laziness of the computer workers was definatly shown today, myself included. We did not act until someone came in saying, "The smoke is coming out in the hall, are you going to do anything?"

That is when we went into action, sort of. "Hey, is it kinda hazey in here to you guys? Should we tell Coleen(office person)?" I asked.

I pulled Vishnu out of his seat again to empty the lab. Dane(lab assistant) told Coleen and told us to let him know how it goes when he gets back from lunch. We shut down the lab after who knows how long people had been dealing with smoke inhailation. The alarm in the building didn't go off till after the police arrived... that was when all computer assistants disappeared. I walked home.

Well, my lungs kinda ache and I feel a little light headed. Nothing too unusual. I think I need a shower though. I smell like burned plastic.

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