Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring Break is here!!!

What to say about today?

Well... it is really annoying that they don't make two-pieces for normal sized girls. I mean I'm not skinny, but I'm normal. A damned extra-large top won't fit!

Yes, I am getting ready to go to the beach. I go to San Antonio tomarrow, and then down to South Padre! It'll be cool.

I hope.

Regardless, I will more than likely not post again till I get back. I'm sure that it won't hurt anyones feelings. Especially since I'll more than likely have cool pics and sketches from the beach... for those few that actually see this blog(whatever, its for my own entertainment).

I know, two things are always on the brain... correction three (and in no particular order): 1)art 2)philosophy(won't say just political) 3)men(the few that live up to my standards)

Knowing me I'll at least get my fill of at least two of those things. Can you guess which?

Not important. Ahh... can't wait to lay out on the beach!!! It'll be a good break. I remember last year. Drinking with Jess. We were trying to play a drinking game, the "drink everytime a sea-gull flys by" game. We had fun but ran into a slight problem.

"Damn! There goes a whole flock of them! Chug!"

We went through that twelve pack pretty fast. I think we will try to be a little better this year.

I think...

Anyway. Going to the beach. Will write when I'm back... promise:)

Happy Spring Break!!!!

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