Monday, June 27, 2005

Can I do it?

This will probably be one of the last times I let myself blog this late. It really is a bad habit... I mean blogging past midnight. My schedual is messed up. I remember the other day I came outside at 9am to see everyone up and drinking coffee. I was met with shock from both Arthur and my parents. Arthur pointed out that I was waking up three hours earlier than usual. I believe he asked me if I was feeling well. I felt kind of embaressed. I use to start work at 9am.

That is sad... So I will correct this destructive behavior of blogging and drawing at night and sleeping till noon the next day. My mother did point out that it is a good thing to have similar wake hours to those you are around... Especially your significant other. I usually try to follow my mothers advice. But that would be a first if I could get myself up before 7am. I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

I've never been a morning person. I am so use to being a night person. Could my brain actually function properly in the morning? Will I have the energy to get out of bed in the morning to even start this routine....

I will try it. What I will do with my time... If my brain is functioning I will do my work. If not... I can always blog:) That never takes too much brain activity.

I guess that means I should be off to bed. I'm sure I will be writing again in the morning... That is if I can pull my lazy ass out of bed tomorrow.

A couple more things before I go:

1) If you haven't noticed before, I added three more blogs to my "Blogs to check out" list. Here they are and a description in their own words:

500 Words- "A Periodic Commentary On Whatever I Periodically Feel Like Commenting On".

Kill The Goat- "Blogging is just masturbating without the mess. Believe it or not, I haven't gone blind yet, nor are my palms any hairier than usual".

SA Sea Stories(Arthur's blog... He just started)- "Ramblings of a sailor who is landlocked in San Antonio, TX".

2)If you like this blog please click on the ads(just one click is very helpful), if nothing else to help out a broke currently unemployed grad student... How is that on generating sympathy:) Or did I just ruin it. Anyway, I'll probably put up a reminder on the sidebar later.

Love to all and goodnight:)


whitechoclatespacegg said...

I just noticed you put up a link to my blog, thanks! I'm gonna put a link to yours this evening....

whitechoclatespacegg said...

Oh, and good luck with the schedule shifting thing. It's a shock at first. The hard thing will be forcing yourself to sleep when you are used to being awake. It will be hell at first. So good luck.