Thursday, June 02, 2005

I'm home!

I've been in my own little world with Arthur for awhile. I guess that happens sometimes when you really fall for someone... Or maybe its just me? Let me tell ya though, life's pretty exciting(sarcasm). I've been sleeping in, hanging out with Arthur, eating and drawing. Yeah, that is about it.

I pratically live at his house which is right next to Jess's place, but I have only seen her once this past week. Not that I've been really avoiding people, though I've been a bit antisocial I guess. I don't want to cut myself off completely though. I've learned that can be disasterous. All I've wanted is to be around Arthur for awhile, but that isn't what I want my life to be; just me and him and no one else. I love the guy, but how boring. I'm not saying that is what he wants, we've just been really into each other recently.

So, hmm... the last time I wrote I was going on about how I needed others to know about my past problems and such. I never got around to saying anything more to my parents, but I think my mom had talked to Arthur when I was asleep. She brought it up with him. Strange, but whatever. As long as she likes him I'm cool with it.

That is about it for right now. I'll probably write a little later; I will be home for awhile. Waiting on my parents to show up at my place....


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nixonreed said...

I hope you and Arthur have a long time together. But you got to tell the parents. They put you in this world so you have to keep them up to date on things. Have fun.