Friday, June 03, 2005

Tired, going to bed.

Man am I tired.

Had to help put in a new floor in my brother's room. Get done with that, check my site and others. See this(I think its about the eighth comment down). Call Arthur and Viv. Go to my parents hotel room to eat pizza. Have a few beers and finally explain the problems I've been having to my parents. They tell me thier ideas. Very helpful really, I may write more on it later.

Right now I just want to get something out (since Jess bitched me out through the blog and I won't respond on her site). I don't think I've done anything wrong. I don't think I deserve to be bitched out, and that is all.

Now I am going to bed. My blog has been getting rather personal recently. Maybe I can write on something else next time. There isn't much excitment in my personal life. I enjoy my relationship with Arthur... which has probably been taking up much of my time, but I've been told it is really boring.

I'm going to go stay in Brenham for awhile anyways to work on things... less distraction.



Edgar K. Aldren said...

I find the way to work things out to be simple. You take the body of something dead. You than fling it at a unsuspecting citizen. Than run around and scream necrophilliac, necrophilliac. Than when your done ask that person if there free tonight and if they would like sex. You'll never get laid but that person will never talk to you again. And that is sometimes a good thing. And when did bitch become a word that could be used as a verb why oh why and how did that happen.

Jessica said...

You never think you do anything wrong but you do. The entire time you were with David I tried to stick up for you and even beat his ass down once. You've always been a taker and not a giver and I'm sick of a one way fucking friendship with you. But you are too much of a little bitch to even say one fucking thing while your boyfriend of two weeks sits there and bitches me the fuck out! And now you've been getting him to call me and text me and shit. You are too much of a fucking coward to even say something yourself. You have to get him to do every fucking thing for you. If he doesn't quit calling me and texting me I'm going to get my dad involved. So you and him need to leave me alone and don't ever talk to me again. I'm telling my dad about it when he gets home so tell Arthur to keep his ass away from my house, my phone, and me. Stay off my blog and I'll stay off yours. You and him just leave me the fuck alone!

el said...

Funny... I never told him to do anything. I guess that would mean that he did it on his own. I just didn't feel like talking to you and now I really never care too.

I never saw him bitch you out. I saw him confront you for something that hurt his feelings. I felt it was justified, so I left it to that. That is about it.

All I can say is that you seem to have a warped perspective on things. I'm probably just writing this for myself anyways. So I'll stop.

el said...


Just to let you know. Arthur says he called and text you once to try and resolve things, not to bitch you out.