Thursday, June 23, 2005

One of my addictions

(Picture of Goku)

Yes, I am addicted to DBZ. The addiction isn't as great recently, considering I lost the entire series when I split with my ex... At least I have my Trigun series. I know if you aren't a DBZ fan that you won't know what half of these things mean, but I thought it was funny. I can only hope someone understands it:)

You Know You're Addicted to Dragonball Z When...

You can recite every word of the original Japanese DBZ episodes/movies by heart.

You claim to be an expert on the Japanese language, then get kicked out of Japan on your vacation because all you knew how to do was insult people.

You're convinced the Dragon Balls DO exist, and you begin saving up your allowance to go on a quest to find them.

You take a martial arts class and ask the instructor when Gregory andd Bubbles will be arriving, then pout and demand to speak to King Ki.

You check every morining to see if you've sprouted a tail.

You secretly try to grow Senzu Beans and believe you are succeeding.

You name your cat Karin, and nod wisely whenever it meows at you.

You've almost popped a vein in your forehead trying to will yourself to fly.

You go outside at night, stare longingly at the stars, and sing; Someday My Prince Will Come.

You know that Vegeta and all the other DBZ characters would find you supremely cool and want to hang out with you.

You failed biology class because of your diagram of a Cell.

Whenever there's a severe storm, you nod wisely and say, "Someone's calling the Dragon...."

You can actually spout off a surprising number of phrases in Japanese.

You've gotten up a five a.m. every morning just to watch the replay of the DBZ episode that was on yesterday....even though you already saw it ten times!

During full moons you stand outside screaming until you pass out.

Even if you're in high school and you're a girl, your parents still shop for your birthday and Christmas presents in the same aisle that they shop in for your little eight-year-old brother....the action figure aisle.

You blast down anyone who insults your Saiyan pride.

You burst into tears when a character, ANY character dies, regardless of Dragon Ball Availability

You almost drowned because you stood in the path of an approaching tidal wave, convinced that your Genki Dama summouned it to you

You lose sleep over wondering about Frieza's sexual orientation, possibly due to nightmares

You attacked the guy at the hardware store who looks like Nappa and almost gave him a concussion in your excitement to demand where Vegeta was

You've gotten kicked out of church for standing up in the middle of a funeral and yelling "HEY!!! LET'S JUST GO GET THE DRAGON BALLS!!"

You believe it's possible to focus your ki into a deadly blast if you really wanted to, but are just too exhausted from all the "Powering Up And Customary Screaming" you've done that day

You try to fuse with your friends.

You try to shoot your teacher with a Big Bang Attack.

You dye your hair yellow and claim your Super Saiyan.

You scream at people you don't like and then try to blast them.

You spend hours trying to use the "instant transmission" and only end up with two finger prints on your forehead.

You strap a piece of colored glass over you left eye and laugh at everyone, telling them what pathetic power levels they have.

You start wearing weighted clothing in order to increase you power level.

You throw fisbees at people and yell "distructo disc."

When you have a problem you think "what would Goku (Gohan, Vegita...) do."

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Dragonball Z.

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