Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My art

I have all of this art and I don't know what to do with it. Do I hang it up? Do I store it in a drawer somewhere? I don't really know. I get the urge to draw and it keeps me entertained. I get these images in my head and I have to get them down, but to do what with them? It ends up being all of these pages of memories. I like looking at them sometimes. I remember why I drew it... But then what?

I use to think that I could do something with my art. Now it seems like a hobby with no real point. I will still draw and I will still put it up whenever I'm done. I have been working on several sketches recently (as I mentioned in the last post)....

I don't know what I am expecting of it. I am not going into art as a career. I hear too much of the pains of doing so from my brother Matt and cousin Michael. Both of them have or are receiving degrees in art, but are going in different directions.

Maybe I will figure something out. For now, I'm not sure.

Got to go! Will write later.

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