Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lazy June

I'm in Brenham for now, and I have promised to stay here until I finish at least one class. I guess I do need some kind of pressure. What have I accomplished in the past couple of weeks?

Well... I've put those nifty little ads on my blog and updated a few times. Umm... I'm sure I've worked on my art, and I've applied for one job. Yeah, not much. Other than that I've seen more movies in these past couple of weeks than I had in the whole past semester. Three of the cool ones:

I've also played plenty of Nintendo.

Legend of Zelda
(I love Zelda)

What else could I do? I didn't have my car with me (good excuse, right?). Man do I have guilt! I feel I have to have an explanation for taking a month off in the summer... Oh well, that's me.

Now I have to work. My mom has been trying to show me how to schedual things on a calendar. Maybe I should have learned this before I started grad school, but it never happened regardless. So I have to organize like a normal human being... shesh. The sad part is that I use to work for a college newspaper, and I still haven't learned the whole deadline thing. Its good I'm not in jounalism anymore. It doesn't matter. I have learned that I will never escape the deadlines... Profs are cooler to you when something is a little late than the newspaper staff. I don't think those people liked me too much... Anyway, I think I'm pushing the Profs' limits.

I've been through quite a bit of change the past couple of months though. Fell in love, lost my best friend, telling all about my ex, and helped lay lamenent flooring in my condo(same day as I lost best friend)... Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, I almost failed out of grad school , had my birthday, and went to my cousin's graduation. I'd say that is alot. Maybe I did need time off.

Well, there should be more interesting posts in the future. At least I like my writing more when I'm into my studies.

Till then...


carrie said...

school is cool

nixonreed said...

Take the entire damn summer off. Just relax and take the time to figure what you to do with yourself. You need the rest it sounds like.

Morris said...

Schools out for the summer! Wait, it's not for you. School is for loosers and squares!

Ask Morris

el said...


Wish I could take the summer off, but that would piss off a few important people to my academic carrer.


I haven't taken a summer off from school since the summer of my freshman year in high school. School is never really out for me. I think you ment "losers", not "loosers". Of course, no matter how much school I go through I still suck at spelling. I blame spell check for that one. Other than that, you're entitled to your own opinion I guess. I'm pro-school myself. I agree with carrie:)