Friday, June 17, 2005

My dream world

Imagine a place already destroyed by some kind of disaster. That is where I am in this dream.

I was walking to a stream to get some water. All I had was a plate. There was a line of people standing on the other side of this stream. I watched as people one after another scooping their plates for water. I needed to get across to the line. An old man tried to help me across, but I fell in while trying to get to the line. I looked up to see no one really cared, they were still getting water. It looked like I wasn't the only one who had been in the stream.

The sky was cloudy, but there was no percipitation. I looked up and saw a tornado in the distance. Everyone stood there in fright looking towards the oncoming destruction. I heard them saying that maybe it wouldn't come our way. You never know what direction a tornado will go. I decided that I needed to go home. The tornado was coming closer. I knew that it was coming for me, or I thought it was coming for me. Home sounded safer, at least I wouldn't be out in the open.

I ran to my house. The sky was dark, but there was still only the tornado behind me. Once I made it inside the phone rang. I answered it. A womans voice was telling me that the tornado was coming towards the house and she was hoping that I wouldn't be there. I hung up the phone. I saw the tornado through the window. I ran to another room away from the windows and threw myself on my knees with my arms over my head.

I heard the tornado tear into the house. I heard the train noise that I always associated with a tornado. My eyes were closed. Seconds later it was silent. I looked up and I was still in my house. I thought the tornado would take me.

I walked through the house. There was little destruction. There were workers in the kitchen laying floor that didn't believe me when I told them a tornado hit the house. How could they not know?

I walked back to the hole. There were dead bodies everywhere. There were men laying the bodies out next to each other and putting cotton over their eyes. Kind of unusual. I woke up walking through the destruction.

I would hate to be alive in a place that is similar to my dream world. There is constant violence, destruction and war. The place where this dream took place at already looked destroyed, as I mentioned before. I don't know what this is suppose to mean. I have had many dreams resently of tornados. This isn't the first time for me to have these dreams, but I still don't understand them. What is different about my most recent dreams is that I am in an area that is already devistated for some reason. Its not like I'm in a thrid world country, but as if a regular town in United States was hit by some sort of disaster. In all of my dreams I am walking through an area surrounded by bodies at one point.

I need some better dreams. I should be use to this by now. It still disturbs me. I can't help it.

I'll write again later:)


Bloghead said...

That's what America will be in the future.

tim said...

I would hate to be alive in a place that is similar to my dream world. There is constant violence, destruction and war.

"You are alive in a place similar to your dream!"

The tornado thing,,, I grew up in Southern Illinois in a trailer no less. I was scared shitless of the tornadoes as a child. Still am if I ever saw one again, i'm sure anyway.

But I love any kind of dream that I have. It is almost like i'm living multiple lives simultaneously. What could be better than that? Learn the lessons that can be learned and use the experiences and hardships from your dream/other life and make a better life for yourself in the real world/wakeland.


oh yeah tell Arthur I says hello... He is the one that showed me the blog thing and now I started me own. And tell him to give me a call,,, Oh yeah he will read this,,, gimme a call arthur...

el said...


When the revolution comes...


I guess you could say that is my world... I mean it is the world in my head, whatever. Thanks for stopping by:)

Edgar K. Aldren said...

That's what my front yard looks like right now! I fear for my life everytime I try to make it to my front door! Sometimes I throw an eviscerated rabbit into the tempest as a distraction.

nixonreed said...

Dreams are the foundation for great art. Some of the greatest things ever were created by dreams. Keep dreaming its what make us human.