Sunday, May 29, 2005

Before dinner

I'm at my parents house with Arthur. Everything is cool. Dad and Arthur are talking politics while my mom is in the kitchen... and I escaped for a couple of minutes to type.

Now here is the deal. I have hinted at the problems I had with my ex to my parents, but haven't really come out and said it yet. I just feel like they need to know, but every time I try to speak it won't come out. Right now I feel the anxiety of it all... I guess it is difficult to pass on the burden.

I'm still going to try. We are staying here tonight.

Everything seems cool.

Maybe it'll be better with Arthur here with me. I don't know. Should it be so difficult? It's not like no one knows.

Well, I've got to go eat.

I'll write later. I feel bad for not keeping up my blog recently.

Time for dinner!

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