Monday, April 25, 2005

April has been fun

This month has been pretty crazy.

Usually April is difficult because of school, but I haven't been focusing well in that area. I know that's a bad thing, its not like in undergrad anymore. I go through these periods where it seems impossible to focus. My mind bounces around from thing to thing and before I know it the day is over and nothing is accomplished. Damn, do I need control...

I will try and keep myself in this week, but I can't say I will this weekend since I turn 23. Not like that is a big deal to me, it is just another reason to go out. Birthdays don't seem to matter anymore. That probably has to do with age, and the fact that my birthday falls right at finals. I've never been one to think much of any holidays or birthdays. I usually remember people's birthdays a few days after the fact and never remember to get them a gift. Well, unless it is Jess.... I think she would get mad at me.

Thinking of Jess, if you haven't read it already, everyone should check out Jess' first love poem. She claims:

"The poem isn't "really" about anyone. It was a dream I had just had that is why I wrote it right when I first woke up."

Yeah, I was confused at first to think my best friend would like a guy so much and I couldn't even guess who it is. Point is, it is definatly worth checking out.

Dude! Soja(brother's dog) just fell off the couch in her sleep! That was hilarious(she's a big dog, it didn't hurt her)!

Okay... I'm sure you didn't need to know that. I'm rambling again. I'll post again when I think of something worth posting about.

Till then....


Jessica said...

Yeah, it's good you changed your comment page. It doesn't take me half an hour to pull it up anymore. That poem was definately nuts.
Oh yeah, Dan called and says he still likes you. (Gross!)
This weekend will kick ass.

el said...

That's all I need while drinking. A comically drunk guy hitting on me, "Hey preety lady, how--re you doin'?"

I think I couldn't control my laughter once again!

Jessica said...

Yeah he called yesterday and kept trying to get me to go hang out with him. He says he still has a crush on me ever since I broke up with him to go out with Ian. But you know, at least I didn't cheat on him. He says he likes you too.
I don't think he is socially that smart I suppose.

el said...

Probably the alcohol has already started rotting his brain... something like that.

Jessica said...

Wait till it rots ours! Just kidding!