Thursday, April 14, 2005

Feminism and 'Vaginal brain clot'

I have a bit of a hangover this morning/now afternoon. Jess called me in emotional distress yesterday, and my solution for almost any problem is to go drinking. Probably not the smartest thing to do in the middle of the week(especially since I have a presentation to do tonight), but I felt obliged to do so. So we went to eat sushi(I was having another craving for Japanese thanks to reading this) and then to the bars.

I'm not going to describe my night, but I had to put up something about this guy I talked to. A navy guy who said he was a writer that is going off to Iraq in a couple of days. I'm not sure how successful of a writer he is, but he told me about one of his theories on women in his new book. He said that all women are born with a disorder called 'vaginal brain clot'... yeah, I didn't know what to think when I heard that one. Basically the belief was that all women are born crazy. The guy tells me stories about how his exwife and exgirlfriend showed symptoms of this: taking him shoe shopping and crying over dead trees in the park, stuff like that.

Hearing this brought me to something I had been thinking about earlier that day. I had learned yesterday morning that the radical feminist Andrea Dworkin had recently passed away. No, I wasn't posting my own opinion by the quote I put up yesterday. I had done a paper about a year ago on Pornograohy and the First Amendment. Seeing Dworkin's name just reminded me of the torture of writing that thing. If you ever want to learn about just how insane feminism can get then that is a good area to start. Don't get me wrong, Dworkin was entertaining to read. I just don't understand the extent of her and other feminists' obsession. Humans show thier most irrational side of themselves through sex (list to show this). Those women against pornography obsess over the erradication of it by studying the darkest areas of human sexuality. Dworkin labeled pornography in general as a rape of women. If it was rape I'd understand why she had been so set on abolishing porn, but many go into that field without force. I just never saw the rape.

So why did 'vaginal brain clot' make me think of Dworkin? Okay, I'm not accusing anyone of that... I am a woman after all, and that would be retarded of me. I think it was just the association of all women to these few fucked up ones in his life. Kind of like associating feminism to the radicals that are around. I'm criticized if I say I am or am not a feminist. Either I'm not enough in support of women holding high carrer positions or I'm a man hater(which I have been accused of both). Well, I can say that I want a carrer and I don't hate men, so where does that leave me? I can tell you where, the hell away from feminist jurispudence theory.

Looking back at my post it seems that I've said that Dworkin was fucked up (my wording is horrible isn't it). I think the sick part of it all is the categorizing of women in such a manner. For instance, this guy at the bar putting all women as the same as his ex-wife and such. Hell, I've never forced a guy to go shopping with me... let alone shoe shopping. Crying over the trees? It sounds like his ex was a bit off. He did say that she left him for a wizard or a yoga instructor though...

Not the point.

So what is the point?

Nothing anymore, I'm rambling. So I end the post here.


derekc said...

That way of thinking seems to surround this world. That guy obviously has a certain personality or something that attracts him to women like his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend. He doesn't relize this so he blames it on that all women have this problem instead of blaming his choice in women.

As for the Dworkin lady she just has a hatred for pornography so great that saying it is rape is an easy way to convince weak minded people to think her way.

Thank God your not weak minded and know how to use your brain. Good luck on your speech thing or whatever.

Jessica said...

Damn Ellen. That guy was weird. He was really ugly and crazy looking himself. I know you thought he was cool but I didn't care much for him. I tried to read your whole post but it was a little too long for my ADD. So I skimmed through. Sometimes I love pornography, sometimes I hate it. It just depends on my mood. That chick seems weird.

el said...


Yes the guy was really wierd... it entertained me for the time. It sounds like you've got through enough of the post. Yes, sometimes I like porn too. That reminds me of what we watched at Jeremy's place. Now parts of that was hot!


Thanks man! I have enough weakness when it comes to substances to make up for it though... ha, ha.

That woman that passed away and the other that she wrote with, Katherine MacKinnon, both have excellent material. They can be quite offensive and persuasive at the same time. The main problem that they miss out on are understanding the differences between men and women. I may write about it again later if I feel like it.

Yakiniku said...

That guy sounds like he has a problem with women. I mean, the women you say he's been with sound messed up. Derek is right. You should have gone along with his theory and done some crazy stuff. Mess with his mind! But then again, he is shipping out. Being nice was probably the best thing to do.

el said...

I wasn't in the mood to mess with anyone's mind that night; probably because it was during the week. Oh well, it left me with yet another wierd experience. Isn't that all life is about anyways:)

Jessica said...

Well you did sleep with him. Just not sex. And he IS taking you out to eat this week so you obviously like him somewhat. You must cause everytime I'm with you two I don't end up saying a word to you all night and when I try you both ignore me. Oh well, Allen keeps me entertained. I think that's why I like talking to him so much cause he is so damn musically knowledgable.

el said...

When I wrote that message I didn't think I'd run into him again. Life is weird!