Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Good luck you guys!

I just wrote down everything that I have to have done by May 9th...

I am starting to feel a little faint(okay, breath). Damn, I hate how much I procrastinate! It sends me into panic attacks at the end of the semester. I'll be okay, but that means that is what I need to put all my focus on right now. So, even though I wrote that I'd do that Catholicism Wow post... whatever. I didn't have my schedual in front of me at that time. So be suprised if there is almost anything posted between now and then...(probably pictures of my birthday at most).

So here I go again, back into the craziness of research papers and take home exams... Good luck to all that are dealing with the end of the semester stresses!


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Jessica said...

Shit, don't let it get to ya. Dude, I'm totally jammin to some Strokes right now. Gotta go!