Friday, April 15, 2005

Decisions, decisions

I'm actually in San Marcos for once on the weekend, and man is it nice out!

I'm also kind of stuck here for the time being, unless I take my car to the shop. The light came on earlier to tell me it needs to be fixed. The loud thumping noise every time I move the steering wheel to the right should have been an indicator a long time ago. Ah, I'll get my parents to help when they come next. I've tried asking my family where to take it and no one will tell me. They assume I should know, but I don't know shit about cars!

What to do, what to do...

I feel pulled in two different directions. One wants me to go sit outside with my art supplies and turn up the music... possible with a beer. The other wants me to catch up with school work since the end of the semester is coming up, and I have been a lazy ass so far.

Oh the choices! So why am I writing here?

Good question Ellen, you shuld leave the computer.

You're right self, you're always right though.... I will leave the blog for now.

Might post later, but who knows. I never know.



derekc said...

Yeah Ellen I think you should go work on school work cause judging from this email you've already had enough sun and beer. Just Kidding. As for your car take it to any tire and wheel service place ie. Firestone or Discount Tires and see about an estimate. It is usually around 20 bucks. Some places will give you an estimate for free. It sounds like your CV joints which can be pretty bad if you drive a whole lot with this problem. My car was doing the same thing so that's where I coming from here. If you turn the wheels all the way in either direction and look right behind the tires there is a bag looking thing that protects the CV joint. If that is torn it is most likely the problem. Sorry about the long comment. Good Luck.

el said...

Thanks for the help!

Jessica said...

That's so hot when guys no about cars.