Thursday, April 07, 2005

Short break(all nighter)

I'm a little busy.

It seems that my laziness early in the semester has hurt me a little. So I can't post anything worth while unless it involves Aristotle's connection between Ethics and Politics or Reinhold Niebuhr's Children of Light and the Children of Darkness... Yep, two papers on the mind.

Oh yeah, there is an article about what happened at the computer lab the other day. Evidently it was my co-worker Dane that made an "executive decision" to vacate the lab. The article amused me.

I will finish the post on my religious views later. I had a run in with one of my main proff's today and was reminded to stop fucking around.

"I have six pages," I say nervously.

"Well that's great; you also have ten fingers, two eye and one nose. I still don't have your work," he responds looking back to Neil (I should know better than to hang out with his TA, so he doesn't catch me off guard).

Thinking of that, I have had enough of a break. Back to writing.

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