Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This weekend

Posted by: lndavis
This weekend
I'm back and am able to write now. I have just come off of one hell of a hangover... can't even believe I went to work this morning.


I spent the weekend with Jess. Her parents were originally going out of town on Saturday. A party was planned, but I think they sensed that something was going to happen. They left Sunday morning instead. No problem though. We still went out. Went to see Texas Radio on Friday, kicked ass as usual. Started drinking at the bar closest to Jess' house in the afternoon the next day(this photo was taken that night)... she was upset. I'll let her write about it if she wants. We actually spent the rest of the night at that bar... since there was no party. We had a blast. For some reason, I think it was because I was already drunk, I wore these glasses the whole night. Everything looks cool through them! I just told everyone that I was punched in the eye... I think they knew I was full of shit though. Oh well. It was fun. We also did our vampire skit... that's always amusing. The guy behind us was listening intently.

Ah, I think I need to go back to bed. I'll write again tomorrow... or from looking at the time it would be more acurate to say later today.


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