Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

The new pope has been elected! Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was selected today.

Pope Benedict XVI

From Pope Benedict XVI:
"Dear brothers and sisters,
after our great Pope, John Paul II, the Cardinals have elected me, a simple, humble worker in God's vineyard.
I am consoled by the fact that the Lord knows how to work and how to act, even with insufficient tools, and I especially trust in your prayers.
In the joy of the resurrected Lord, trustful of his permanent help, we go ahead, sure that God will help. And Mary, his most beloved Mother, stands on our side. Thank you."


Jessica said...

Damn his ass looks old too. He looks like he could keel over at any minute. Before long we'll be watching his funeral too. Why is this fucking window an inch big. He actually looks kind of demon in the eyes. Scary! I think it's a sign.

derekc said...

I think he looks like a fucking troll. Yeah why would they choose some dude that is 78 years old and could die any minute.

el said...

Transitional pope... I knew they would pick someone older. I couldn't put up much on him because I honestly need to read up on him. I've heard that he was close to Pope John Paul II. I need to find out more about him.

Jessica said...

Right when I read Derek's troll comment I busted out laughing in the completely silent computer lab. I am really embarassed now. All these people were looking at me! Of course my school is so dull nobody ever laughs or anything. I guess it's good cause they are focused on their work. But I havn't seen one person smile all day.