Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How does this one sound?

Now I find myself in a predicament:

1. I have no job

2. I have a speeding ticket

3. I have 5 incompletes (I know, I'm a lazy idiot)

4. I have a new guy that I am interested in who wants me to go up to Virginia with him for a week (that one is cool).

5. My parents said no trip till the incompletes are out of the way and I have an idea of what I am doing for work (Yeah, like that is possible by Friday.)

Hmm... What to do? Well, I've already agreed to the trip. I should be going on Friday. He flies in tomorrow. I have to figure out what to do about the speeding ticket... I want a way of putting it off. I mean, I have no money. What else can I do? I don't care to have a warrent out for my arrest. With my luck I'd get pulled over in the middle of the night with a couple of drinks already in me and accomplish getting a DWI at the same time as I am arrested for that warrent. Doesn't sound too pleasant.

Jess's idea was to work on the incompletes on the way there. That is one hell of a drive. I might go for that one... See if my parents go for it. I don't know how thrilled they are on me going on this trip with a navy guy that I've dated only a couple of times. I told them about it, I just don't think they realized how soon this trip is. Maybe my dad will like him. My dad was in the navy and my grandfather was in the navy. That could be wishful thinking though... Na, I'm sure he'll like him. My parents are going to see him before hand. I drive through College Station on the way anyways, might as well stop in Brenham. I think it'd be better for them to meet him so they don't think I'm traveling with a lunatic or some abusive asshole or something of the sort. Well, at least my mom wants to meet him.

So... Try to put off the ticket tomorrow morning. Pick him up with Jess in the afternoon. Take off on Friday. Say 'what up?' to my parents on the way. Take all books and such with me and attempt to finish as much as possible. Then promise to get a job once I'm back?

How does that sound? Shit, I'm trying my best with this one.

Well, one way or another I will keep you informed. Till then I am going to go back to a take home exam... Or I will talk to Arthur. Arthur seems to know much of international politics anyway...



whitechoclatespacegg said...

Sounds like a good plan, Jess is right, if you can work on your incompletes on the way, may as well do it. It's not like you will be going and totally blowing of the school thing. You deserve a break. It's not like you can see him every day.

nixonreed said...

I disagree with the school part. Driving while studying is a bad idea. How are you going to drive a car and read a book at the same time. My suggestion would be to let someone else drive and while you sit in the passenger seat than study. Of course the one thing you should ask yourself is will you be studying with two people to talk too and one your interested in. Just don't study and drive its almost as bad as drinking and driving.