Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rambling on my so far sh#@ty day and Strauss (sort of)

I just looked at myself in the mirror and I can see little red vein looking things under my left eye. What the hell does that mean? It is hideous! Other than that I was all excited to go pick up Arthur from the airport and I just found out his flight was cancelled. On top of that I say f@#k San Antonio police, I don't feel like going to the damned courthouse today.

All in all this puts me in an excellent mood today(Sarcasm has been used and will be used, if you can't tell).

Isn't that how life is though? You can't be too happy about something. It is garunteed that if I feel excited and happy about the day that something will go terribly wrong. Well, it isn't all lost though. I am still going to go drink with Jess tonight. Sounds like a decent crowd will be there too. I also have money, yeah!

Let's see, what else is there to tell.

Oh yes, I finally put something up from Strauss earlier today. What can I say, the book is sitting on my coffee table for some reason... So I picked it up.

Strauss caught my interest from hearing about the Straussians. The first time I hung out with the guys at A&M I remember them talking about the Straussians at the conference earlier that day. I had honestly never heard of them before, so I had Phil explain what a Straussian was to me. Since then I came here to Texas State and the main prof I have here was taught by Straussians at University of Dallas. She states that she is in no way a Straussian. I asked her about Leo Strauss before I had class with her and so she assigned 'Natural Right and History' to read the first day of class... I think that the other students in the class were a little annoyed with me whenever they learned that it was my fault they were reading that. Before I knew it another prof I worked for wanted me to do my second lecture on Strauss's 'Thoughts on Machiavelli'.

Why did I feel compeled to tell you that?

The question is how many of you that come here know what a Straussian is and who Leo Strauss is?

I thought it was interesting that there were people who had heard of Strauss outside of academia. Mostly becuase of the neoconservatives. When I look at Strauss and I look at the image of the neocon, I don't really see the similarity. Do I really know what a neocon is? No, not really (I like Phil's writing on this). Is it a conservative Jew? If that is so, maybe he was one? I think my prof was kind of disappointed with me that I didn't put in my lecture that Straussians were taking over the government... That guy is strange (kind of glad I don't work for him now). He also called the other prof I spoke of earlier and I Straussians... That really made me laugh. I had thought of how damned ignorant this man was, and he was a prof. I had guessed awhile back that Phd. doesn't give you intelligence, but damn!

Okay, kind of off the point. Since I have no outline to go by when I type on this thing I tend to forget the point. You can imagine how I ramble on in my papers. Yes, well. Use the links if you don't know what I am rambling about. Other than that, I'll write later.

For now, I need to escape...


nixonreed said...

I think your stressing out and need to relax. That vein might be a blood vessel popping. It won't kill you your just not getting enough oxygen. If your eye starts to go black than that is it. It can also be from lack of sleep. Just relax and take some deep breaths.

REC said...

If you still haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven I give a short review of it on my blog. And I must agree with Nixon, I think you've just allowed one stressful situation after another to buckle your shoulders. Just take a deep breath and say fuck it all.

el said...

Thanks guys, I think I'm cool now. I'm at a Kinkos in San Antonio since Arthur has no internet. Will write later.