Saturday, May 07, 2005

Read if you give a shit

I am going away until I finish my shit.

I have had too many damned distractions and I know that several of them are my fault. I 'm fucking shaking in anger, anxious as all hell because I don't know if I'm going to fucking pass this semester. I found out that my best friend is pissed at me via blog(Arthur did text me to tell me to look because I was busy, HE DIDN'T TELL ME TO FUCKING CALL!).

Okay, I'm going to have a fucking nervous break down and I know that no one really cares since the only person who would is pissed. So just to let you know I'm not at home after this and my phone is off!

So I am gone for now.


el said...

Alright, I calmed down at least. My day sucked because the only way I could calm myself down was to drink. Now I definatly can't work.

So all I am going to do is pour another drink and try to pass out. I guess I work well under pressure anyway. So that's what I will do.

Want to hear how much work I have due, its insane. Three papers and a take home exam.

The things I do to myself:)

nixonreed said...

It sounds like you have a major case of depression. Just take it easy and give your friend a call in a day or so. The liquor is an answer for about an hour or so and than you get hit by more problems. Have a nice night it sounds like you deserve it.

jarmywayne said...

Oh shit el, me too, it might not be as intense yet, but i put off my final projects untill the night before as well, i stayed up all night just throwing something together and acctually got a 92 on my design project. i havent figured out how i did in drawing yet, but that will come on mon.

only three more tests left, and im not to worried about them, the hard past is over for now, and for that i am grateful!

Good Luck!

el said...

Thanks. Promise I'm better. Now I'm just trying to work. Taking a short break. Now back to writing on the theological virtues: Lets see... faith, hope and charity. Yeah, I remember. I can do this:)

I can do this...