Tuesday, May 03, 2005

These are from Saturday

Okay, I'm really getting annoyed with buzznet and blogger right now. I want to put these up though...

Let's see if this works. Here is Isilda, Jess and I at the Flying Saucer on Saturday:


Now here's Josh a.k.a. Little Bitch cutting my cake:


The next one is for Arthur, you said you wanted a picture of me with Jess's present on. Well, here ya go:


Yes, that is me looking like a dumbass with a thong around my head, for all those that can't tell what that is. Here is another one that I seem to be holding the thong like a sling shot(for some reason I have a retarded look on my face... I'm trying not to be picky):


This next one I'm at Pat O'Brians...


Here's Jess and Mike... I got many pics of them:


I love this one! I think it is sooo funny:


Here's two more of me(since this is the rare occasion that I actually have so many of me). These were actually taken right after I told off the Little Bitch at Swigs. They both seem funny to me. In the second one I don't know if I'm pissed or seducing the camera... whatever:



Okay, that's it. Now I can go back to writing... or take a nap.


Jessica said...

The one where I pretend to almost lick Mike's ear is hilarious. It was hard to hold that pose. The ones of you turned out super awesome! The thong ones are hilarious!

el said...

I know, I'm trying to lighten up when it comes to pictures of myself. I've been a little anal about that in the past. These pictures are funny:)

The ones of you and Mike are funny! You guys were fun to take pictures of:)I guess that was one way to tell how much we were trying to entertain ourselves at the bar!

I need a better camera:) Then it'd be alot cooler!

Jessica said...

I need to just FIND my camera! Wait till you see the pics of Eric in his loin cloth, I just got them back yesterday! It is hilarious...

el said...

I'll double check my stuff, but I haven't seen it. Can't wait to see the camping pics:)

el said...

Damn, I'm at work till 4pm.

Jessica said...

That sucks man. I can't wait till finals and shit is over dude. Then we should take a road trip somewhere maybe. Well at least I am bored as shit right now and a little stressed as well....

el said...

I would love a trip, but don't know if I'll have the funds. I need to hold onto my money. I haven't told my parents yet that I have a ticket. That'll be a great mother's day gift, right.

Right after school is out I'm going to graduation shit too. Viv's getting her bachelors. She is actually trying to get a job with your dad's company right now! I thought that was cool. It'd be much better than working for Nautica jeans.

I understand the stress part. I'm tense as all hell right now. Work is really the last place I want to be. Oh well.

labbai said...

Nice political...ou nou...höh.. :)

Jessica said...

Bridgettes takin me for a trip to the beach with all these other chicks. I can't wait! Why does Vivian want to work for my dad's company? That is weird. Really really weird.

His company has like no respect for women at all, basically run by the good ol boys. White males. My dads worked for that company for 28 years and has all these awards and shit but can't move up just cause he is not white. In my opinion the benefits are o.k. but I would never f-ing work for that company if given the choice.

el said...

She just wants somewhere to start off at. That's all I know. I guess she will have that problem with most companies, sucks.